‘We are on a created path’

In an honorable attempt to uphold my stance on pro-life, I once again dove deep into the great divide between life and choice.  During my research I was soulfully moved by testimonials from both sides of the on-going dialog regarding terminating a human fetus in different trimesters.

My feeling of the issue has stayed with me since I was a child. Children almost always sense what is right.  Life and choice are a spiritual matter, from beginning to end and everything in between.

The hard question whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, (selective reduction of babies in the womb) should lead you to a simple examination of your conscience.

If we could all see on a big screen what research labs are really doing in the name of science, with human and animal fetuses, would make you nauseous.  The grim reality is coldblooded.

A human fetus is just a “blob of tissue” for many who are stunningly narrow minded or unsympathetic.  The atrocities of abortion in the 21st century have become a wholesale market with a profitable bottom line for “experimental” researchers.  Consider where the fetal remains end up.

Abortion is where the rubber hits the road.  It continues to be a religious and political event called choice, bunting the ball down the field almost every election cycle.

Over 2,000 years ago the Hippocratic oath was imperative, “do no harm to the patient” — tragically mother and child can still succumb to unfortunate circumstances.

From a medical point of perspective, the odds are increasingly against the unborn and more often than not, the adult has the upper hand to choose the outcome.

Choice in many different topic related cases, does not give humanity carte blanche with no limitations, to do whatever it pleases with disregard to consequences.

I believe we are all given the ability to choose provided you are not in a mother’s womb.  It’s what you do with “choice” that matters.  Perhaps there are those who feel they are the master of their destiny and others.

We will never understand the burden of proof set into motion upon creation, light years ago.  So unexplainable and uncomprehensive is our surrounding galaxy, and beyond.  Suggested reading, chapter 38, book of Job.

Like the water, air and land we depend on, so do the dependent unborn. We cannot account for all of nature’s complications and gruesome realities.  There are dark forces lurching at humanity continually with the goal of terminating our very existence.

The argument stands that the more specific we get over choice, people will assert that there are numerable things you need to mention.

God has a plan and (we) unceasingly try to undo or re-write what has already been established.  I still believe in an eternal, loving Force and all the unanswered questions.

To conclude, we are not turning back the clock with opportunistic abortion.  We are on a created path that will be fully revealed at the appointed time.