What happens when everything gets shut down?

Cobalt and electric vehicles, EV’s, need to be thoroughly researched and proven effectual.  Summer of 2022 was a perfect example of humankinds’ futile attempt at trying to harness natures elements; the sun, water, wind and mostly electricity with its power grid vulnerabilities.

Our transmission lines will always be vulnerable even under ground.  With the EV propagandists push the cost of electricity, lack of supply and extensive demand will inevitability skyrocket.  Safeguards to keep power flowing such as charging stations appear to work at first, ignorance is expensive.

Climate Henny-Penny alarmists should consider cobalt and its costly experimental technology.  Cobalt is obtained in the DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  They are being investigated for forced labor with very young kids who often end up maimed, exploited or killed while digging in mountains of rocks to extract cobalt for a whopping $2 a day.

Cobalt, a key component in every rechargeable lithium-ion battery is used in most electronic devices.  China makes two-thirds of all lithium batteries.  Most cobalt mined ends up in Chinese factories, not American!  Refined cobalt goes to Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, IG, Dell and Tesla as CEO’s keep getting richer and richer.

Mr. Bidens newest blow hard job plan includes $15 billion to build a national network of 500,000 charging stations for EV’s.  Sounds like a real cobalt “Green Deal” to me resulting in more dis-guarded technology ending up in our landfills, regardless.

Cap and trade are a system for controlling carbon emissions and other forms of atmospheric pollution which allows the capacity to buy from other organizations that have not used their full allowance, therefore California is the only state that imports oil from other foreign countries costing us millions of dollars a day.

Recently re-elected governor Newsom, with another four years of continual financial torture, is shutting down our fuel, jobs and supply chain.  He is spending our money outsourcing while attempting to eliminate fossil fuel, which around 600 products are routinely used for derivatives.  Our natural gas inventories dropped in 2022 which drove up prices 300 percent.  Half the homes in the U.S. use natural gas for heating and cooling.

China controls fuel and derivatives whereas I am convinced Newsom does not have California’s best interest in hand.  He is using CA’s code of regulations environmental protection and climate change as a criminal offense and crimes against nature as his hand is deeply embedded in China’s slick deals.

Chinese engineers were allowed (by whom) to build the world’s highest 5G mobile network base station on top of Mt. Everest, which everything together including machines, objects and devices are connected to.  I like electricity just like the next guy, but when everything shuts down intentionally, then what am I supposed to do, get into my communist cobalt-mobile and drive to the next town for safety?