Whose side is the Biden Administration on?

Doug LaMalfa

Every nation has a border and every nation has laws. Why are ours the only ones purposefully not being upheld?

For National Police Week I met with law enforcement personnel across the country as they shared their struggles to do their job amidst rising rates of crime. Their concerns echoed the same sentiments I heard from Border Patrol agents on my recent trip to the southern border in Arizona.

I was standing where the border fence ends, watching illegal immigrants stroll across the border. The Border Patrol agents picked them up for processing and explained that some would be returned to their country of origins, but many will be given court dates and allowed to stay for years because of intentional backlogs. The officers said that they were processing thousands of illegal crossers a day, but thousands more were still getting through our border and into our country easily. In March of this year, more than 7,000 illegal immigrants crossed the border every single day and more than 221,000 encounters were reported that month. That is a sharp increase from only two years earlier; in March 2020 a little over 30,000 encounters took place.

These unprecedented number of crossings come as the Biden Administration announced they were planning to end Title 42, a public health law that allowed U.S. authorities to quickly expel immigrants back to their country if they are coming from a place with a communicable disease outbreak. With no immediate backup plan in place to address these astronomical numbers, even the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas confessed in a Congressional hearing that the U.S. Border Patrol did not have the means to adequately respond. Unfortunately, instead of extending Title 42 or restarting construction of our border wall, Mayorkas and the rest of the Biden Administration began taking supplies and resources right out of the hands of other agencies and taxpayers.

Our nation’s veterans risked their lives to protect our country, yet the Biden Administration has begun sending medical personnel and supplies meant for already-understaffed Veteran Affairs clinics to the border to treat illegal immigrants. In equally absurd news, last week it was discovered that the administration was sending pallets of baby formula to the border, while American mothers and fathers could not find food for their own children on their grocery store’s shelves.

Why would our own government take away necessary care for our elderly and disabled veterans, and baby formula from families franticly searching for food for their children? As the American people continuously face rising costs of food and gas, crime rates, and supply shortages, why should they then be forced to give away such basic necessities to those entering our country illegally and breaking our laws? We must question whose side is the Biden Administration on. It certainly doesn’t look like they are on the side of enforcing the border law and helping the American people in crisis.