Fire Chief Job Opening

Clear Creek Community Services District (CCCSD) is hiring

Fire Chief

Monthly Salary $828.41

Date: February 15, 2023

Position: Part-time/Non benefited: Average 5 hours/week (meetings, coordinating firefighters, drills) + calls

Supervises: All volunteers of the Clear Creek Volunteer Fire Department (CCVFD)

Purpose of Position: The Fire Chief is the chief executive officer of the CCVFD and is responsible for directing the operations and managing the organization of the CCVFD. The position establishes current and long-range objectives, plans and policies/procedures subject to approval of the CCCSD Board of Directors.

Major Responsibilities:

-Protection of the citizens, structures and lands within the CCCSD or any requesting community.

-Schedule and conduct regular training meetings and drills with volunteer firefighters.

-Supervise and/or perform maintenance of the fire trucks, all firefighting equipment and the firehouse according to an established schedule.

-Coordinate flushing of fire hydrants with water manager as needed.

-Insure emergency radios are charged and functioning and communicating with Lassen Count Dispatch Center.

-Periodically inspect community for fire hazards.

-Attend each regular meeting of the CCCSD Board of Directors and report all significant information concerning the fire dept.

-Attend continuing professional training courses.

-Report incidents in the ESO software to be compliant with NFIRS (National Fire Incident Reporting System) reporting.

-Maintain communications with other mutual aid agencies.

-Be responsible for the security of the firehouse and all firefighting equipment.

-Be responsible for snow removal from around the firehouse.

-Install snow poles at all fire hydrants.

-Project and recommend budget expenditures.

-Working knowledge of: Fire suppression equipment, including but not limited to: Fire engines/pumps, extinguishers, ropes and ladders, hoses, hydrants and nozzles, fire prevention inspection procedures as they pertain to appropriate state and local codes, all personal protective equipment, fire behavior/science, rescue techniques, suppression tactics and strategy, emergency scene management, undergrowth fire and brush, training of volunteers, good instructor skills, ability to effectively communicate and coordinate with a variety of other agencies, good working knowledge of all aspects of personnel management.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

This position requires a broad knowledge of the fire and emergency services industry. The position requires recruiting/selection, training, financial and supervisory skills.

Good Communications Skills – Ability to effectively communicate with 1) other departments/agencies at meetings; 2) public and agencies in writing.

Supervisory Skills – Ability to form a cohesive team with clear direction and follow through.

Problem Solving Skills – Ability to gather input and arrive at solutions to problems.

First Aid Skills – Basic understanding of first aid treatment in case of emergencies.

Valid California driver’s license and acceptable driving record.

To Apply: Please send a cover letter and resume including three references to: Clear Creek Community Services District, P O Box 833, Westwood CA 96137, or email: before March 15, 2023.