Notice of lien sale at Janesville Self Storage

Notice is hereby given that the following individuals are indebted to Janesville Self

Storage at 464-900 Main St., Janesville, CA 96114, for past due rent and other fees.

Mark McCloughan in a 10 X 20 & 10 X 10 unit,

Mike Kessler in a 10 X 10 unit,

Abandoned 5 X 10 unit,

All contents will be sold “AS IS”. Each unit will be auctioned online to the highest bidder, pursuant to “California Self

Storage Facility Act” 217.00 through 217.16.

Auction shall be conducted online at:

Lien sale auction will end on Thursday, December 31, 2020.

Specified auction ending times of each unit are posted online.  Sale subject to cancellation in the event of settlement between owner and obligated party.