Notice of Public Hearing, Lassen County Planning Commission



The Lassen County Planning Commission solicits the aid of public agencies and the general public in consideration of the following item:

Property Owner/Administrator:  Avalanche Funding, LLC/Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Applicant:  Geofortis Minerals, LLC

File:   Initial Study #2021-006 for Use Permit #2021-009 and Reclamation Plan #2021-003

Project:  Proposal to establish an 83-acre pozzolan materials year-round mining operation, with batch mining and screening operations on a seasonal schedule and loading and daily hauling operations on a year-round schedule. Approximately 5 acres would be on Public Lands while the remaining 78 acres is split estate land where the Federal Government retains the mineral rights administered by the BLM. The proposed end date is 2070.

Location:  Lassen County approximately 5.5 miles north of the intersection of US Highway (Hwy) 395 and California State Route 70.

Zoning: The project parcels are zoned A-1 (General Agricultural District) and are designated Extensive Agriculture by the Lassen County General Plan 2000.

A.P.N.:  145-030-016-000; 145-050-004-000, 145-050-012-000, and 145-030-017-000.

Staff Contact:  Cortney Flather, Natural Resources Coordinator

Pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act, Lassen County, as the Lead Agency for the California Environmental Quality Act, has prepared a Mitigated Negative Declaration for this project. The Environmental Review Officer has determined that although the proposed project could have a significant effect on the environment, there will not be a significant effect in this case because the mitigation measures described in the Initial Study have been made a part of the project.

The project is being forwarded to the Lassen County Planning Commission for review. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on this item at 1:35 p.m. on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, in the Board Chambers, 707 Nevada St., Susanville, California.

The Initial Study, prepared by the Environmental Review Officer, is available for review at the Lassen County Department of Planning and Building Services, 707 Nevada Street, Susanville, California and on our website at: Any comments you may have regarding the Initial Study must be submitted to the Lassen County Department of Planning and Building Services prior to the scheduled public hearing via mail or email at:

For the County of Lassen,

Maurice L. Anderson,