Opportunity to Object to West Shore Community Wildfire Protection Project

The Almanor Ranger District of the Lassen National Forest has completed the West Shore Community Wildfire Protection Project Final Environmental Assessment (EA). Notification was mailed out on May13, 2021 to those who previously submitted specific written comments related to the project. The primary objectives of this project are to reduce wildfire threat to human communities, ecosystems, and wildlife habitat, improve forest health, increase vegetative diversity, improve meadow and riparian area condition and provide an economic benefit to the local communities; as well as improve recreation experience through facilities improvements and access management.

The project boundary lies adjacent to Lake Almanor’s western shore, beginning just south of the Lake Almanor West community and ending at the Canyon Dam Boat Launch facility. From the Canyon Dam boat launch facility, the project area expands southwest from the shore crossing California State Highway 89, through the community of Big Meadows, and back to the Lake Almanor West Community. The proposed project area is located in Management Area 38: T. 27N, R. 8E, Sec , 18, 19, 20, and 30; T27N, R7E, Sec. 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 23, and 24; Mount Diablo Meridian.

The Responsible Official who will issue a decision on this project is Deb Bumpus, Lassen National Forest Supervisor. The Final EA, Draft Decision Notice, and other project information, including maps, can be found on the project website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/project/?project=56312

Additional information regarding this project may be obtained by contacting Matt Cerney Project Leader, at matthew.cerney@usda.gov.This proposed project is subject to the objection process pursuant to 36 CFR 218 Subparts A and B.

Eligibility to File Objections

Objections will be accepted only from those who have previously submitted specific, written comments regarding the proposed project either during scoping or other designated opportunity for public comment in accordance with § 218.5(a). Issues raised in objections must be based on previously submitted timely, specific written comments regarding the proposed project unless based on new information arising after designated opportunities.

Individual members of organizations must have submitted their own comments to meet the requirements of eligibility as an individual, objections received on behalf of an organization are considered as those of the organization only. If an objection is submitted on behalf of a number of individuals or organizations, each individual or organization listed must meet the eligibility requirement of having previously submitted comments on the project (§ 218.7). Names and addresses of objectors will become part of the public record.

Contents of an Objection

Objections must include (36 CFR 218.8(d)): 1) name, address and telephone; 2) signature or other verification of authorship; 3) identify a single lead objector when applicable; 4) project name, Responsible Official name and title, and name of affected National Forest(s) and/or Ranger District(s); 5) reasons for, and suggested remedies to resolve, your objections; and, 6) description of the connection between your objections and your prior comments. Documents may be incorporated by reference only, as provided for at 36 CFR 218.8(b).

Filing an Objection

Objections must be submitted to the reviewing officer: Randy Moore, Regional Forester, USDA Forest Service; Attn: West Shore Project; 1323 Club Drive, Vallejo, CA 94592, (707) 562-8737. Objections may be submitted via mail, FAX (707-562-9229), or via electronic (.doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt) formats, to: objectionspacificsouthwest-regional-office@fs.fed.us with Subject: West Shore Project

The publication date on the Plumas News website, newspaper of record is the exclusive means for calculating the time to file an objection of this project. Those wishing to object to this proposed project should not rely upon dates or timeframe information provided by any other source.